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How to build smart SMT factory in electr2019/11/11

In recent years, in industry 4.0. Under the upsurge of industrial interconnection, Internet of things and cloud computin...

How company use AI to improve efficiency2019/03/28

Now the development of artificial intelligence is faster and faster, various venture capital complex artificial intelligence categ...

How to restrain robot morality?2019/03/28

On December 18, 2018, the eu's high-level expert group on artificial intelligence released a draft code of ethics for artificial i...

Difference between mechanical arm and in2019/03/28

A robotic arm is a mechanical device that can be either actively or manually operated.The industrial robot is a kind of active equ...

Artificial intelligence is a mixed bless2019/03/28

For artificial intelligence, people have been some controversy about it, some people say that AI artificial intelligence will beco...

The robotics industry is moving forward2019/03/28

Robot wave swept through several years ago, has brought us infinite fantasy, outside the circle circle of people began to gather e...

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